1% Esquizofrenia

Documentary, 70 min. HD 2007.

Teathrical release.                      


1%Esquizofrenia is a documentary that takes the spectator on a journey through multiple cases of the disease of schizophrenia. The leading characters are wrapped in black and become an invitation to discover the mystery, the pain ande the unthinkable dimensions of this human drama.


Direction and screenplay: Ione Hernández
Producer: Julio Medem para Alicia Produce
Editing: Ione Hernández y Julio Medem.
Music: Javier Casado
Cinematography: Fernando Fernández y David Tudela
Sound: Sounders Creación Sonora.

Running Time: 70 minutos.


-Article on the premiere in the Seville Film Festival

Borja Hermoso, El Mundo, 6-XI-2006.

-Report on the documentary;

Ione Hernández in XL Semanal, 25-III-2007.

-Report on the documentary and interview with the director

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